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Isla Canela Golf Course is a wonderful 18 holes golf course, located within Ayamonte´s beaches, on the Costa de la Luz.


Nearby Golf Courses:

  • Isla Canela Golf

  In "Marismas of Isla Canela"  (Distance: 1/2 km. from Isla Canela - 22 km from Costa Esuri)

  • Costa Esuri Golf Club

  Riverside located  (Distance: 1/2 km. from Costa Esuri - 22 km from from Isla Canela)

  • Castro Marim Golfe & Country Club

   27 holes

  • Quinta do Vale Golf

   Design by "Seve" Ballesteros  (Distance: 28 km. from Isla Canela - 13 km from Costa Esuri)

  • Islantilla Golf 

  27 hole links course  (Distance: 30 km. from Isla Canela - 28 km from Costa Esuri)



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